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Dangerous, irreverent, insatiable, hilarious.

Commercial-free podcast episodes

This is a production of Journalista Podcast, LLC and iHeartRadio. Just a warning, this podcast includes adult language and situations, references to drug use, violence, and some things that will be very hard to listen to.

Episode 1 | This is a Firing Squad

We meet Cookie for the first time as she faces a firing squad. The murder of a respected journalist lights the fuse of revolution.

Episode 2 | partying with pablo

Cookie’s early life as Mrs. Scarface. She parties her way into a job with CBS News bureau in Nicaragua.

Episode 3 | the ever elusive war

Cookie heads into the jungle looking for the war. Unfortunately… she finds it.

Episode 4 | chicho and the mermaid

Cookie’s son talks about growing up in a war zone, then his mom faces her own death.

Episode 5 | down and dirty

Cookie leads a news team into the most remote part of Nicaragua, in search of terror.

Episode 6 | the comfortable scam

Cookie saves the world from nuclear holocaust, then saves her boys from their own personal disasters.

Episode 7 | Ambush

At the peak of her powers, Cookie is taking flak from every direction, including an ambush from her biggest rival… the U.S government.

Episode 8 | the damage done

The wild life catches up with Cookie, and she finally faces her own revolution.

Episode 9 | the smoking gun

A CIA plane is shot down over Nicaragua, and the rush is on to get the biggest story of the decade.
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